Rocking the World of Automotive Service Management

Automotive repair is no slow business. Every customer wants his car out of the repair dock as soon as possible, without compromising on quality of work. So, as a service manager, how do you achieve this? Generally, a computer is faster and better at managing repetitive tasks and ordering elements into a schedule.

LogoGEMCAR3dLet’s have a look at what a properly configure car repair management software can do to help a repair shop business grow and attract more customers while maintaining or leveling up service quality.

Automotive repair industry – size and trends

The auto repair industry employs over 500.000 workers (source: ibisworld) just in the US. It is also responsible for a yearly revenue of around $64 billion each year. In other words, fixing cars is a segment where heavy money is up for grabs.

According to statistics, 56% of the automotive repair businesses in US generate annual income above $350.000 while 26% record a minimum of $1 million.

However, in the same time, the amount of offers in the industry is high, leading to intense competition between car shops and even individual mechanics. Quality of service is a prime factor in achieving profit. Most of the time, service units have to deal with individual orders, as 75% of all customers represent household individuals. Unlike repairs on fleets, individual orders require more intense management.

Customers – great quality vs fast service

Car owners tend to be highly concerned regarding the turnout time for repairs. After all, it is all for good reason – people need their cars to drive to work or actually use them to earn money. Thus, the more time a car spends inside the repair shop, the more difficult it gets for the owner.

Exposant26_GemCar_CARQUEST2017Without adequate changes, a fast repair usually leads to poor quality. In case of car repair shops, although clients might walk with a smile from getting his or her car early, it gets likely that the same people might return soon to ask for explanations on why the car broke down again.

By breaking the entire repair process into particular bits, it gets easier to spot areas where improvement can be done. And while the actual time while the mechanic works on the car is rather difficult to shorten without compromising quality, managing all other registration and distribution services can save hours off the repair time.

In other words, it boils down to properly managing resources; using technology to the company’s advantage is probably the first step any manager should take.

Managing resources

According to, the average automotive repair center has around 4 bays. Getting the most out of them requires proper resource management. Time spending can be drastically reduced by:

  • Improving car registration times
  • Creating accurate repair time estimations
  • Stocking the right products
  • Managing parts stock
  • Streamlining invoice generation and payment
  • Properly setting up repair schedule
  • Fitting repair orders into the car repair schedule

Doing all these by hand is old-school. And while in some other cases going old school has its advantages, when it comes to efficiently managing a car repair business, old has nothing to provide.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, computers are faster and better than humans at managing repetitive tasks.

GEM-CAR is the ultimate fleet and repair shop management software. When used properly, GEM-CAR streamlines and enhances all repair-related procedures saving time, money and making clients happy. (

Automotive repair management software GEM-CAR

A rule of thumb regarding efficiency is this: the simpler a process is, the faster in can be achieved. The statement remains true for auto shops. The main advantage of GEM-CAR is probably its simplicity.

GEM-CAR provides an easy to use interface from where the entire car repair garage can be managed. The interface allows managers to view cars that are currently worked on as well as the job attributed to them. Also, GEM-CAR provides lists with cars that are currently pending repairs and lets managers assign a time quote to each one.

Clients are not left unattended by GEM-CAR. Apart from dealing with the current car inventory, GEM-CAR is capable of processing data regarding car owners; it stores info on whether a particular client is waiting for delivery or has been offered a courtesy vehicle.

Car technicians are fully accounted for in GEM-CAR. A Door Management Module takes in account daily agendas, vacation days and even lunch times. The drag&drop technology offers an easy way to set up activities and re-arrange them for maximum time efficiency. With proper training on GEM-CAR, car repair shop managers will be able to squeeze every second of otherwise wasted work time.

Part stocks need to be constantly managed and reviewed to keep repair turnaround rates to a minimum. Empty stocks will eventually lead to prolonged car delivery times and unhappy customers. GEM-CAR features an integrated stock management system with 9 levels of sale prices, various sorting methods and statistics on the most used parts.


By assigning a module to each key element of a car repair business, GEM-CAR system streamlines the entire activity and drastically reduces wasted time, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction while not compromising on work quality or straining technicians.

With an easy to use interface and seamless integration with any car repair unit regardless of size, GEM-CAR is definitely the proper choice for any repair business that aims for success.