Vehicle Safety Check

Safety is our main goal in driving, to get safety in driving then car safety checksmust be done perfectly. A car safety check is essential for your safety and your family trip. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition and safe. Keep all your vehicle systems in perfect condition and ready to take you wherever you go, either at close range or long trips. Perform monthly maintenance for your car even you do not use it.

In any field no one can provide maximum results other than an expert. It is applies to the service on your car too. Imagine if there is a small damage but dangerous on your car, if you let it probably will damage the car more severely, to know the problem is only done by experts. Vehicle inspections carried out by experts can help you diagnose the extent of damage that actually happens to your vehicle and help you fix it before it gets worse. So, what should be checked for safety during driving, here are some explanation.

Wheel Check : Inspection of wheel conditions is very important. You will know that the recommended tread footprint is 1.6 mm. So, your tires should be checked to ensure the tracking path matches the manufacturer’s recommendation, and if necessary the tire changes before it passes the dangerous boundary. In addition to the tire tread conditions, tire pressure conditions should also be checked. check your car’s tire pressure once a month. The holes in the road may have damaged your tire wall; An expert can also identify and repair dents, cracks, bulges and cuts.

Engine Oil Check : Check the condition of your vehicle engine oil too. Engine oil checks help you ensure that the oil is topped up to the maximum mark on the dip sticks and the correct oil viscosity and type is used in the engine.

Radiator Check : Maintaining the correct engine temperature level is a function of the car radiator. Therefore Radiators are included in the list that must be fixed to obtain a safe car condition. Check the radiator cooler level regularly. Entrust on an expert to handle this issue

Brake Fluid Check : The crew can also help you ensure that brake fluid is rightly applied and there is no leakage.

Vehicle Lamp Check : By taking your vehicle to a vehicle an expert, you can get the vehicle’s lamps and illumination, especially the brake lamps, checked.

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